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The worming treatment recommended for your cat will depend on their age and lifestyle. Both roundworms and tapeworms can easily be picked up from a hunting cat’s prey, but also via other routes, including kittens contracting worms from their mother. Worming your cat is important, as although these types of worms rarely infect people, when an infection occurs there can be serious health implications, so it’s important to control infection in your cats. It is important to understand that all worming products can only kill the worms living in the intestines on the day the treatment is given. They cannot protect the cat from re-infection afterwards. This is why repeated regular treatment is the only way to ensure your cat is free of worms. Worming your cat. What types of worms can affect cats? Round worms resemble white pieces of string and can be up to 15 cm long. Affected cats usually have one of two types of roundworms, Toxocara and Toxascaris. Roundworms are rarely seen because they stay in the intestines and are only very rarely shed. If roundworms are passed in faeces or.

Cats can pick up worms from their mum, the environment and hunting. The side effects are unpleasant for your pet, and worms can also pose a risk to you and your family. It’s best to begin treatment for kittens straightaway and particularly once your cat is exploring outside and catching prey. Most cat owners are aware of worms and know that they should be eradicated if suspected or identified, but do you know how often you should worm your cat, what type of worms cats can get and how to choose the right worming treatment? Read on to learn all about worming cats. What types of worms may affect cats? Worming Healthcare and your pet's wellbeing is an important part of owning a kitten. When you first pick up your kitten from the breeder or cattery ensure you ask what worming protocol and products have been used. Kittens should be wormed regularly using a veterinary approved wormer such as Panacur or Drontal. Kittens should be wormed according. Worming tablets or chews Many products cover other common parasites such as fleas, heartworm and ticks. Therefore it is always recommended you speak to your cat’s veterinarian to decide which will be the most effective parasite treatment for your cat’s individual situation.

Some cat worms can also cause zoonotic disease an animal disease that can also affect humans for people, and therefore worming your cat regularly is important, to prevent nasties spreading from your pet fluffies to your human family members. At Discount Animal Products, we have a selection of cat worming products to choose from. Whether it. Increased salivation in cats after a deworming treatment is a common side effect, that, like others, usually lasts only two to three days. However, if you notice your cat is foaming at the mouth rather than salivating, contact your veterinarian immediately. Your cat. Some worming medications are effective against both roundworm and tapeworm, while others are only effective against one or the other. It's important to chose the right product for your cat. Many worming medications are now available such as liquids, pastes and granules as well as injections from your vet and spot-on treatment.

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