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02/02/2017 · As fenrir? For a counter build, possibly go some physical protection if loki isnt really going for pen, but 9/10 lokis will build pen, crit or not, so building hp on him will work a lot better, you might not get bursted down as easily. Mail of renewal, bulwark of. 02/10/2017 · So I'm having a hard time figuring out what Gods stack well with what stats. Like who's best with crit and who's best as a bruiser. So what I really need help with right now is a good Fenrir build, at the moment I have him using my Da-Ji build which is warrior tabi, shifter shield, jotunn, titan, bloodforge and hydras. It's not too.

13/07/2019 · I am currently sitting at 67% assault weapon damage, 60% crit chance with 62% crit damage with 86% DTE and my eagle bearer is at 27k damage which is about 1500k off from the max damage available. This thing shreds NPC so easily and in raids I can finish off the heavies with 61 round. I looked at other players builds with eagle bearer and some. Rebel Guide for AGI-CRIT build using Gatling & Pistol - posted in Expanded Classes: INTRODUCTION TO REBEL: Rebellion is a ranged class that utilizes firearm to dispose of their enemy from afar or from up close, their arsenal includes revolver, rifle, gatling gun, shotgun and grenade launcher with each having unique skills that requires specific. Ano po mas magandang build ng AGI knight? with CRIT? or w/DEX? ano ung mga PROS and CONS? kase i'm trying to build one pero di ko ma think kung ano mas magandang pang MVP.

28/01/2015 · Fenrir is an odd character in that it almost seems like his build doesn't even really matter too much, or at least it isn't a fixed build like with some other characters. Some games I go almost full lifesteal, sometimes I go almost full tank and even build Sovereignty, sometimes I go bruiser. 18/12/2010 · SS GH RR for mnk. That being said crit hit dmg is going to be capped, so can swap out Loki's. Black belt > thunder belt, but gorget > justice torque. I personally use Thew bomblet and Aesir Ear pendant, but other than that your build looks like mine I still need heafoc though, using alkies. []. With the new sets in 1T, I think it might be easy to hit 100% crit on characters. I'm trying to see if that sort of a build can put out more DPS in end-game trials as compared to the typical TBS meta builds that everyone seems to be running. 27/06/2019 · Hey All!! I was hoping for some assistance with a Crit build. Mask - Does Crit roll on masks? If so whats the max? Chestpiece -- I would like to run Beserk but what are the best stats do I need to look out for on the chestpiece? Holster - Need suggestions.

Leviathan, Gilded Greaves, Mantle of Ra, Rankbreaker, Medallion of Troy, Fenrir’s Tooth. This Build is a build that requires the player to be aggressive early game and knows their way around Zanis ult very well. This is something that I’ve come up with after being inspired by Butterfly’s infamous “Tankerfly” build. 01/12/2016 · Also there is the point of having different guns for different purposes. And while the Vaykor Marelok is way better for a status build, the Lex Prime is far superior when it comes to a crit build. So building the Marelok for crit makes as much sense as building the Lex Prime for status. Both work, yet it's not really the best choice.

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